Crucial 698

crucial 698
crucial 698

Crucial® 698

The most concentrated liquid glyphosate herbicide on the market, Crucial® 698 is also proven to be the fastest weed control in its class.

The unique formulation of Crucial® 698 has as its main differentials the double salt glyphosate technologies, in addition to exclusive surfactants and bioactivators, which generate rapid absorption and translocation in weeds, providing the highest desiccation speed in the market and the rainfastness effect, that offers safety against rain 1 hour after application. This makes Crucial® 698 the best glyphosate-based herbicide on the market especially for crops of:

  • Coffee;
  • Soy;
  • Sugar cane;
  • Corn;
  • Wheat;
  • Cotton.

What is Crucial® 698

It is a systemic, non-selective and post-emergent glyphosate herbicide capable of controlling the infestation of mono- or dicotyledonous weeds (annual or perennial).

Belonging to group G (Inhibitor of EPSPs), Crucial® 698 can be used in crops of coffee, soybeans (including genetically modified), sugarcane, corn, wheat, cotton, among others as indicated in the package insert.

Download Crucial® 698 package insert right now on the Sumitomo Chemical website.

Crucial® 698: state-of-the-art glyphosate herbicide

  • Double Salt: due to the Isopropylamine Salt of glyphosate and Potassium Salt of glyphosate in the formula, rain does not affect the performance of this systemic herbicide in combating weeds. Therefore if it rains 01 hour after application of the product, there is no interference in the good performance of the pesticide.
  • Rainfastness: the high incidence of rain does not compromise the high effectiveness of Crucial® 698. This happens because the product is quickly absorbed in the cultures where it is applied.

Soluble Concentrate (SL) Formulation

The agricultural herbicide has a Soluble Concentrate (SL) formula that contains glyphosate salts and other substances. This means it consists of an active component (solute) and a solvent. For this reason, the application of the pesticide can only be made after diluting it in water (in addition to being the universal solvent, glyphosate salts are more soluble in it).

How Crucial® 698 fights weeds

This glyphosate herbicide protects crops by blocking the weed EPSP enzymes. This prevents the synthesis of certain vital amino acids, resulting in the target’s extermination, approximately 21 days after the application of the product.

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