Weeds are among the main factors that cause yield decrease in agriculture.

One of the main allies to minimize these losses are agricultural herbicides. In soybean, for example, the fastest growing pre-emergent herbicide in the adoption area for intelligent weed management is ZethaMaxx®.

ZethaMaxx® stands out for having an unique composition on the market, controlling a wide spectrum of weeds (broad and narrow leaves), which avoids losses due to initial weed competition, in addition to being highly selective to the crops without carryover risk to subsequent crops.

Know more about this solution for Agriculture:

What is ZethaMaxx®

It is a pre-emergent herbicide with long lasting residual action that guarantees tranquility to the farmer in the weeds management in soybean and peanuts.

In other words, the correct use of ZethaMaxx® in the pre-sowing allows the crop to start without weed competition and express its maximum yield potential.

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Formulation: Suspension Concentrate (SC)

Composed of active ingredients that belong to groups E (PROTOX inhibitors) and B (ALS inhibitors), ZethaMaxx® has Flumioxazin and Imazetapir in its composition, in an unique and exclusive formulation on the market, which makes it a very important tool in the management of herbicides resistance.

In addition, ZethaMaxx® has a broad spectrum of action, controlling broad-leaved (dicotyledonous) and narrow (monocotyledonous) weeds. The extended control period allows the elimination or reduction of herbicide application in the post-emergence.

ZethaMaxx® is highly selective for soybean and peanuts, without carryover risk to subsequents crops.

Main benefits of using ZethaMaxx®

  • Avoids reduced productivity due to initial weed competition;
  • High selectivity in the pre-emergent of soybeans;
  • Broad spectrum of control action;
  • Weed seed bank reduction;
  • Maintaining the maximum yield potential of the crop;
  • Accelerates glyphosate control in desiccation.

Weeds on soybeans and peanuts that are controlled by ZethaMaxx®


  • Alexandre Grass
  • Erigeon Bonariensis
  • Leiteiro
  • Sourgrass
  • Southern Sandbur
  • Spermacoce latifolia
  • Tridax Procumbens
  • Turnip     
  • White Poaia


  • Amaranthus 2
  • Erigeon Bonariensis
  • Leiteiro
  • Red-Root Amaranth
  • Spermacoce latifolia  
  • Tridax procumbens 
  • Turnip
  • White Poaia

Understand how ZethaMaxx® brings tranquility to the producers of soybean and peanuts

With its exclusive formulation and composition, ZethaMaxx® has two mechanism of action and different modes of action that provide excellent control of broad and narrow leaf weeds, both in the pre-emergence and also in the initial post-emergence, mainly accelerating the action of Crucial in pre-sowing desiccation.

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