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Kaiso® 250 CS

With highly pest control power, Kaiso® 250 CS is one of the insecticides of the chemical group of the third generation pyrethroids that has Lambda-cyhalothrin as an active ingredient.

With a micro encapsulated (CS) formulation, which is one of the most modern nowadays, the product promotes a true shock treatment in the target.

Which leaves plantations of soy, corn, coffee, citrus, cocoa and canola crops, besides other fruit and vegetables crops, protected from pests quickly.

Learn more about this efficient solution for agriculture that combats caterpillars, borers, among other harmful insects in your plantations.

Insecticide with micro encapsulated suspension (CS)

With one of the most advanced formulations on the market, Kaiso® 250 CS is an agricultural defense with micro encapsulated suspension (CS). That is, its encapsulated active ingredient dilutes in water, becoming a spontaneous substance.

What has the advantage of facilitating spraying in a uniform manner and resulting in a much more effective control of pests. That is because Lambda-cyhalothrin remains active in the insecticide.

Besides that, as it is a water-based formula and there is a dilution of the active ingredient in a controlled manner, handling is safer and more comfortable, even at the time of application.

Do you want to know all the pests that this agricultural defense fights and the correct way to use this agro product? Download the Kaiso® 250 CS instructions right now, here, on the Sumitomo Chemical website.

Main pests that the insecticide Kaiso® 250 CS fights and some plantations that protects

Soy Pests

  • Southern Green Stink Bug (Nezara viridula);
  • Velvetbean Caterpillar (Anticarsia gemmatalis).

Wheat Pest

  • Mythimna (Pseudaletia sequax).

Corn and other vegetables pest

  • Corn: Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda);
  • Tomato: Moth (Neoleucinodes elegantalis);
  • Pumpkin and zucchini: Pickleworm (Diaphania nitidalis);
  • Pepper: Moth (Neoleucinodes elegantalis);
  • Yam: Tobacco Cutworm (Spodoptera litura);
  • Aubergine: Moth (Neoleucinodes elegantalis);
  • Among other insects harmful to other vegetable crops.

Legume pests

  • Lentil: Cucurbit Beetle (Diabrotica speciosa);
  • Chickpea: Old World bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera);
  • Cowpea: Cucurbit Beetle (Diabrotica speciosa);
  • Pea: Onion thrips (Thrips tabaci).

Tuber Pests

  • Potato: Pea Leaf Miner (Liriomyza huidobrensis);
  • Sweet-potato: Beetle (Epicauta atomaria);
  • Yacón and Arracacha: Cucurbit Beetle (Diabrotica speciosa);
  • Cassava: Moth (Erinnyis ello).

Citrus and other fruit plantations pests

  • Citrus: Citrus Fruit Borer (Ecdytolopha aurantiana);
  • Passion Fruit: Juno Silverspot Butterfly (Dione juno);
  • Avocado: Scamander Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio Scamander);
  • Pineapple: Elaphria Agrotina Guenée (Monodes agrotina);
  • Papaya: Streaked Sphinx Moth (Protambulyx strigilis).

How Kaiso® 250 CS controls pests

As it belongs to the chemical group pyrethroids (3A), the insecticide is of the sodium channel modulator type of the target.

That is, it changes the frequency of sodium entry into the nerve cell of the pests, causing constant impulses that cause the insect to extinguish itself by exhaustion.

As the result is a consequence of excessive nervous stimuli, the Kaiso® 250 CS promotes quick pest control with this shock effect.

Do you want more information about Kaiso® 250 CS? Find the contact of the Sumitomo Chemical office in your region by accessing: https://www.sumitomochemical.com/locations/