Creta® is a systemic, selective herbicide for pastures, recommended for foliar application to control broad-leaved, herbaceous, semi-shrubby and shrubby weeds in pasture areas with forage grasses. It presents high performance on most weeds that are difficult to control.

What is Creta®?

Creta® is a herbicide with systemic action based on Picloram and Fluroxypir from the Auxin Mimetized group. It is selective for the main forage grasses in Brazil.

Creta®, is a high performance selective herbicide in the control of weeds without harming forage grasses.

To obtain high weed control performances and safety in applications, it is recommended to follow the instructions, use it carefully and always consult an Agronomist.

Check out the main targets of this herbicide for pasture

Considered one of the best herbicides for pasture, Creta® acts on a wide variety of weeds that infest pastures.

Check out the main targets that Creta® fights in pastures:

  • Assa-peixe (Vernonia polyanthes);
  • Gervão-branco  (Croton glandulosus);
  • Joá  (Solanum sisymbriifolium);
  • Malva-branca  (Sida cordifolia);
  • Guanxuma (Sida rhombifolia);
  • Assa-peixe-roxo (Vernonia westiniana);
  • Amarelinho (Tecoma stans);
  • Casadinha (Eupatorium squalidum);
  • Guanxuma-branca (Sida glaziovii);
  • Unha-de-vaca (Bauhinia variegata);
  • Espinho-agulha (Barnadesia rosea);
  • Leiteiro (Peschiera fuchsiaefolia);
  • Mamica-de-porca (Zanthoxylum hasslerianum);
  • Cipó-de-cobra (Mansoa difficilis);
  • Assa-peixe-branco (Vernonia polyanthes);
  • Mata-pasto (Eupatorium maximilianii);

Herbicide for controlling weeds in pastures

As a herbicide derived from the Auxin Mimics group (also known as Growth Regulators), Creta® has high efficiency on the control of weeds in pasture areas.

It is recommended for the control of broad-leaf, herbaceous, semi-shrubby and shrubby weeds in areas of forage grass pastures. The product acts directly on the metabolic functions of weeds, including altering cell functions, resulting in:

  • Deformation of lateral and apical buds;
  • Paralysis of growth and thickening of roots;
  • Appearance of “callus” in the nodes along the stem.

Methods of application

Creta® is highly versatile and can be used through land foliar applications in the total area, localized foliar or aerial (agricultural aircraft), according to the recommendations described for each situation. The spray volume may vary depending on the area actually to be treated, the density and size of the weeds, as well as the equipment and application technology used.

Always consult an Agronomist.

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