Aveo™ EZ


Aveo™ EZ is a high-performance biological nematicide with phytotonic effect and high-technology formulation (FS), which protects the roots through dependable protection against main nematodes that affect crops, in addition to promoting root growth and improving initial plant development. 

Aveo™ EZ contains outsanting technology added, does not generate phytotoxicity and allows a significant yield enhancement. Moreover, the nematicide has the smallest use rate on the market and the longest shelf life, 3 years shelf life.

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Product classified as

not dangerous for transport.

How Aveo™ EZ fights crop pests

Aveo™ EZ colonizes the roots, in a symbiotic relationship, forming a biofilm that protects them from nematode attack. The nematicide produces substances which paralysis the nematodes in the early stages, and it also decreases their reproduction, therefore reducing the infestation for next cultures.

Main targets of Aveo ™ EZ

Acts directly on the following biologicals assets:

  • Soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines);
  • Root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita);
  • Pratylenchus brachyrus

It can occur in several cultures of economic importance such as:

  • Soybean;
  • Peanut;
  • Rice;
  • Barley;
  • Bean;
  • Wheat;
  • Sorghum.

Additional Information

Aveo™ EZ is a biological nematicide, applied in seed treatment using continuous flow or batch equipment, specific for this purpose and which ensures uniform distribution of the product over the seeds.

The success of the Aveo™ EZ is related to the uniform distribution of the product in the seeds, if it is done incompletely or unevenly it can result in unwanted levels or failure on the pest control. For further clarification, consult your agronomist or our technical department.

Do you want more information about  Aveo™ EZ? Find the contact of the Sumitomo Chemical office in your region by accessing: https://www.sumitomochemical.com/locations/