Maestro® FS

Maestro® FS

Insecticide based on Fipronil, consider a reference in the market for seed treatment. Protect seeds from different crops, mainly:

  • Soy;
  • Pasture;
  • Wheat;
  • Corn.

Mastery in the protection of seeds for high productivity, even in transgenic crops. The insecticide Maestro® FS ensures higher quality in the initial stages of planting (sowing).

What is Maestro® FS?

It is an insecticide for seed treatment, referenced in the protection of chewing pests to obtain the ideal plant stand, and consequently in the productivity of the crop.

With FS formulation, one of the most used for seed treatment, this crop protection product is highly effective in combating several pests that chew soybeans, wheat seeds and many other crops.

Maestro® FS extinguishes the cucurbit beetle and the june beetles, besides other chewers that are harmful to sowing. Check out the main benefits of using this insecticide in your plantation:

  • Reference in the fight against the main initial chewing pests;
  • Protects and provides high selectivity to seeds and seedlings;
  • It can be used in transgenic seeds, with the same protection of productive potential as the others;
  • Insecticide that can be used in Treatment Seed Industry (TSI) and Treatment Seed on Farm (TS on Farm).

Do you want to know everything about this contact and ingestion insecticide from the chemical group Pyrazole? Download the Maestro® FS instructions right now, here, on the website.

Seed treatment with Maestro®FS: crops that the insecticide defends and main pests it controls

Soybean seed

  • Sternechus Subsignatus Boheman (Sternechus subsignatus);
  • Cucurbit Beetle (Diabrotica speciosa);
  • Lesser Cornstalk Borer (Elasmopalpus lignosellus);
  • Swift Woodlouse (Porcellio laevis);
  • June beetles (Phyllophaga cuyabana).

Corn Seed

  • Lesser Cornstalk Borer (Elasmopalpus lignosellus);
  • June beetles (Phyllophaga cuyabana).

Wheat Seed

  • Kelp (Diloboderus abderus).

Cotton seed

  • Cotton Thrips (Frankliniella schultzei);
  • Cotton Root Borer (Eutinobothrus brasiliensis).

Pasture seed

  • Leafcutter Ant (Atta capiguara);
  • Termite (Cornitermes cumulans).

Various seeds

  • Rice seed: Water Weevil (Oryzophagus oryzae) and Termite (Procornitermes triacifer);
  • Bean seed: Cucurbit Beetle (Diabrotica speciosa) and Sternechus Subsignatus Boheman (Sternechus subsignatus);
  • Barley seed: Kelp (Diloboderus abderus).

How Maestro® FS ends chewers and other seed pests

The seed treatment happens with pest control, spotlighting the chewers that threaten especially soybean, corn, wheat and pasture crops.

As an insecticide from the chemical group Phenyl-pyrazoles, Maestro® FS fights the target through synaptic transmission. That is, the mechanism of action acts directly on the central nervous system, causing intoxication and the pest extinction.

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