Riptide is a concentrated product based on Natural Pyrethrins 5% and PBO 25% ideal to be applied in domestic environments, sensitive and critical areas, areas where products with residuals are not allowed, such as food industries (processing, storage, transportation, industrial kitchens), health areas (hospitals, clinics and laboratories), schools and kindergartens, residences and transportation companies (subway, trains, airports and buses).

Due to its formulation based on Natural Pyrethrins synergized in aqueous formulation, Riptide has a fast action and mortality, allowing use with virtually any type of equipment (hand sprayers, foggers, costal atomizers and vehicular UBV).


Active ingredient: Pyrethrins 5%; PBO 25% w / w
Formulation: Concentrated
Registration with ANVISA: 3.0987.0013
Package: 1 Liter
Shelf life: 3 years



Effective against: