Sumitomo Chemical brings to the organizational environment many striking aspects of the ancient Japanese culture, such as the importance of reputation and ethical behavior above all, compliance with rules and procedures, care for quality, safety, the environment and people.


Get to know some of the cultural pillars of Sumitomo Chemical Latin America.


We have as a principle the integrity and commitment to keep our interests always in harmony with the public and society interests.


To ensure legal and ethical conduct in all instances of our business, we have a global compliance policy that follows the highest standards of ethical behavior.


The policy establishes an executive committee responsible for the issue in the region and provides an appropriate set of tools to prevent and address any non-compliances supported by local and international law, including an internal ombudsman system.


We are always committed to preventing accidents and incidents, as well as preventing occupational diseases, identifying and assessing potential risks.


Sumitomo Chemical is not only limited to meeting legal requirements, but also committed to caring for people.It has been our priority to take care of the safety of our operations, to develop actions to balance our activities and the well-being of our employees, contractors, suppliers and the community.


We always take care to evaluate all registered accidents to allow appropriate measures to be taken to prevent them and always seeking the focus of mitigating accident risks within our company.





Sumitomo Chemical uses PDCA principles for better risk assessment and management of our business.




Safety is our #1 PRIORITY

Health and Safety Management as a Core Principle
Each person within Sumitomo Chemical as responsible for health and safety, yours and others around you.
Commitment to promoting health and safety with partners, contractors, suppliers, customers and the community.


Sumitomo Chemical Latin America (SCLA), is a chemical industry with a global presence in research, development, manufacture and commercialization in the agricultural market from the beginning to the postcosecha, public health, seed production, household products and animal nutrition, with the objective of improving the quality of its products and services with the aim of contributing to the development and welfare of the society. The Organization seeks improvement based on solid foundations, with integrity and value generation in the conduct of its business, without causing harm to its employees, the community and the environment, seeking to achieve sustainable development and continuous improvement.

Our commitments are:

1. Fulfill and respect the requirements of quality, legality, authenticity, security, health and environment, providing products and services in compliance with laws, regulations and other applicable local and international requirements, seeking the satisfaction of customers, shareholders, employees, community, government, regulatory bodies and interested parties.


2. Promoting professional development and improving the skills of our employees and the community with a focus on results, promoting an innovative, ethical and sustainable corporate management culture.


3. Maintain a documented, updated and flexible management system based on all applicable regulatory requirements regarding quality, safety, health and the environment as a basis for the continuous improvement of processes, products and services.


4. Add value to the business by ensuring alignment with corporate strategies and values, prevention of business risks, as well as promoting continuous improvement, innovation and portfolio diversification.


5. Ensure the physical integrity and health of our employees, promoting the self-care initiative, healthy conditions, education and training of personnel in safe practices for the identification, prevention and control of hazards and risks in the workplace, promoting consultation processes , participation and perfect integration between collaborators.


6. Protect the environment through responsible social and environmental practices that minimize the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of our products and services, promoting the conservation of resources and adopting all viable measures and practices for environmental protection, implementing a waste management system through the application of control measures, focusing on the reduction of liquid and solid effluents and atmospheric emissions.

Sumitomo Chemical Latin America (SCLA), will actively strive to promote Responsible Care activities and support group companies, contractors and other national and international business partners, always committed to meeting the needs of its stakeholders and contributing to sustainable development. of society through the exercise of functions, guaranteeing the socioeconomic results of the organization.


We offer an inclusive and collaborative work environment.


Through internal actions, corporate policies and leadership efforts, our commitment is to foster passion for the business, teamwork and focus on results among our employees while keeping our team engaged and proud to be part of the organization.


Celebrating our team’s achievements, recognizing outstanding results and attitudes, and valuing our talents are some of our practices that contribute to employee engagement.