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The information on the Sumitomo Chemical Latin America website is exclusive to Companies and professionals in the agricultural, animal nutrition and environmental health areas. In advance, the site issues an alert displayed on the home page with a warning about the restriction of its content on pesticides, respecting the legislative limitations imposed on the dissemination of pesticide and agrochemical content on open digital channels.



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None of the information available on the website should be taken as an incentive for investments and the purchase of shares. For this, Sumitomo Chemical Latin America recommends that a professional from the financial market be consulted.


As there is no incentive to make any decision concerning the financial market and industries in general, Sumitomo Chemical Latin America is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss to the company’s profits and integrity.



Portfolio restriction


The Sumitomo Chemical Latin America website provides the catalog with all its products, accompanied by documents vital to the knowledge of the risks of its use. The company reinforces that such information is intended only for Companies and professionals in the agricultural, animal nutrition and environmental health areas.


For any doubts about application and handling, the user must contact a specialized professional directly or contact Sumitomo Chemical Latin America for correct instructions. No information about product lines should be understood as an incentive to reckless use.


Therefore, Sumitomo Chemical Latin America, including its officers, affiliates, executives, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns, are not responsible for losses, property damages or health damage resulting from the incorrect use of the mentioned substances in this website.



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The page is intended only for people over 18. Children and adolescents are not part of the target audience for the information provided by Sumitomo Chemical Latin America.



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• We affirm our commitment to guarantee the security of any and all data that is provided by visitors to our website, either by filling out forms for customer service or after the service is completed;

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